Ansgaritor Bremen, DE

The competition multifunctional centre Ansgaritor Bremen was accompanied by ATP sustain in the area of sustainable construction and the conceptual design of an energy-efficient TGA system in order to ensure a future-oriented retail property.

AuftraggeberATP Frankfurt
OrtBremen, D
BauvolumenBGF: 40.000 m²
ProjektteamMichael Haugeneder
Amra Ivojevic
Florian Stift
Melanie Wiedeck

The Ansgaritor competition is characterised by its mixed use and is to become a new magnet in the city centre of Bremen.

The building complex includes a shopping center, space for approx. 100 apartments, high-quality office space and childcare facilities.

The conceptual strengths of the project are underpinned by technically functional details and ideas in order to create a sustainable, energy-efficient city doorman.


Development of an energy concept
Development of a sustainability concept
Participation in facade design
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