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BaMa Balanced Manufacturing

The objective of the flagship project BALANCED MANUFACTURING is to develop a holistic method and then a sequence of tools designed to balance resource needs in industrial production with the success factors of time, money and quality.

Project Information
Research Partner Vienna University of Technology
Research Objective Simulation-based method for predicting and optimizing the energy and resource use of manufacturing operations
Period 2014 – 2017
Project Team Michael Haugeneder Florian Stift

Logo: BaMa, Balanced Manufacturing

modular arrangement of the production plants

In recent years measures to increase the efficiency of manufacturing processes have focused on demands for more availability, flexibility and productivity. In the meantime, rising energy costs have helped to trigger a process of readdressing resource efficiency. While there is a wealth of methods and tools designed to optimize the energy use of individual aspects of production facilities, there is a lack of a systemic and holistic approach to both the analysis and evaluation and, then, the optimization of these energy and resource influences.

The objectives of BaMa are to implement simulation-based methods for the interdisciplinary analysis and optimization of the use of energy resources, to standardize solutions for the technical measurement of energy flows in production processes and to develop energy monitoring systems as a means of supporting the interdisciplinary optimization of the energy needs of the production systems of companies. This will result in the development of control software for manufacturing design capable of realizing holistically optimized manufacturing processes which also take into account the question of energy and address the economic success factors of time, cost and quality. All the relevant elements of a manufacturing facility (production system, buildings, energy system, logistics) will be modeled, taking management aspects into account.


Development of a monitoring concept
Recording of energy flows
Optimization measures
Participation in the building services simulation
Participation in the building simulation