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Drawing up of a material building passport.

Project Information
Research partnerVienna University of Technology
Research objectiveDrawing-up of a material building passport
Project TeamJens Glöggler Klara Meier

The objective of this research project is to facilitate the compilation of documentation about the materials that make up a building which offers quantitative and qualitative information about the relevant raw materials that it contains.

A lifecycle-oriented material building passport has many benefits: as a design and optimization tool with regards to the efficient use and later removal of materials, as a means of documenting the necessary material information for the recycling of a building at the end of its life and as a basis for an urban register of raw materials at the scale of the city.

New design tools such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), which are made possible by lifecycle-oriented building management, contain huge potential for the creation of a material building passport.


• Development of a design optimization tool
• Definition of the parameters for building modeling (level of detailing)
• Linking of the database with BIM via a software tool and the resulting evaluation
• Analysis of the certification systems and of the requirements for a material building passport.

Link: Vienna University of Technology