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CRAVEzero- Cost Reduction and market Acceleration for Viable nearly zero-Energy buildings

The project focuses on the development of methods to accelerate the market introduction of near-zero-energy buildings. The project aims to identify cost-saving opportunities in the planning phase and throughout the entire building life cycle – from urban development to the deconstruction of the buildings. The research project presents the potentials and currently possible methods in the three areas of processes, business model and technologies. The life cycle cost method was chosen as the summarising method and for the validation of the individual subareas. The results of the research project will be successively summarized and processed for the user in the CRAVEzero Pinboard. The aim of the research project is to enable each user to take the essential measures or to involve the relevant groups of people in order to plan, construct and operate a near-zero energy building.

Project data
Funding body European Comission – Horizon 2020
Research PartnerAEE intec, EURAC, Frauenhofer ISE, Bouygues Construction, Skanska, 3i efficientamento energetico, Moretti spa, Köhler & Meinzer GmbH
Research objectiveThe research project aims to eliminate additional costs for the planning, creation and operation of NZEBs through new processes, methods and business models.
Project team Jens Glöggler Michael Haugeneder Klara Meier Rafael Botsch Christian Wissel


  • Analysis of sample buildings that meet the nZEB standard
  • PHPP calculations
  • Life cycle cost analyses
  • Development of processes and action items over the entire building life cycle (from planning to demolition)
  • Development of new business models
  • Parameter study / variant study of the example buildings

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