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Lifecycle observation as a basis for decision-making in early design phases.

Project Information
Research PartnerTU München
Research objectiveLebenszyklusbetrachtung als Entscheidungsgrundlage in frühen Planungsphasen
Project teamJens Glöggler, Susanne Runkel, Klara Meier
Grafik: Design2Eco

The objective of this research project is to develop strategies and recommendations for the ecological and economic optimization of buildings in their early design phases (project development, pre-design).

The key decisions regarding the economic and ecological quality of buildings are taken during the project development and pre-design phases. There is currently a lack of well-founded decision-making criteria which enable participants in the construction process to weigh up the significance and long-term consequences of individual decisions. This research project makes a decisive contribution in this area by identifying critical building elements and lifecycle phases which are independent of the design and developing variants for these which it then analyses in economic and ecological terms.


• Analysis of the decision-making process in the early design phases
• LCC and LCA analyses of critical building elements
• Development of decision-making criteria for a parallel assessment of LCC and LCA