New Building Certification

Designer Outlet Wolfsburg, Phase 2, DE

The operating company Outlet Centres International (OCI) has built the second phase of the Designer Outlet Wolfsburg. ATP sustain drew up a sustainability concept for this project from the very beginning and carried out a BREEAM new building certification.

Project Information
ClientOCI s.o.
LocationWolfsburg, D
Built AreaNGF 6.274 m²
Project Duration2012-2014
Project TeamJens GlögglerMichael HaugenederFlorian KurzSusanne RunkelMelanie Wiedeck
Certification SystemBREEAM Europe Commercial 2009

The second phase of the DO Wolfsburg was to be accompanied from the very first day by a sustainability concept based on BREEAM Certification.

To this end, ATP sustain drew up a concept in the form of specifications for the designers and executing companies as a means of integrating these sustainability objectives into, for example, the tender documentation.