New Building Certification

Designer Outlet Wolfsburg, Phase 2, DE

The operating company Outlet Centres International (OCI) has built the second phase of the Designer Outlet Wolfsburg. ATP sustain drew up a sustainability concept for this project from the very beginning and carried out a BREEAM new building certification.

Project Information
ClientOCI s.o.
LocationWolfsburg, D
Built Area NGF 6.274 m²
Project Duration 2012-2014
Project Team Jens GlögglerMichael HaugenederFlorian KurzSusanne RunkelMelanie Wiedeck
Certification System BREEAM Europe Commercial 2009

The second phase of the DO Wolfsburg was to be accompanied from the very first day by a sustainability concept based on BREEAM Certification.

To this end, ATP sustain drew up a concept in the form of specifications for the designers and executing companies as a means of integrating these sustainability objectives into, for example, the tender documentation.



DO Wolfsburg, D / Photo: OCI
DO Wolfsburg, D / Photo: OCI