Eduardo Vidal Kume

With every small everyday decision of our lives we can influence the ecological footprint of humanity and thus secure the future of the next generations. I am of the opinion that employment in the field of sustainability, nature and environmental protection can bring satisfaction.

After my education in Brazil, my home country, and work experience in architecture and structural design, I was particularly interested in technical and analytical work, modeling and simulation. For this reason, I decided to take the master’s degree program “Building Science and Technology” at the TU.

ATP sustain offers me the opportunity to work on integrally managed projects as well as access to research projects. The work and new insights in building simulation and sustainability certification are particularly fulfilling and challenging for me. The experience and expertise in sustainable building, building physics and building certification of my colleagues create an ideal working environment for my professional and personal development.

Eduardo Vidal Kume

Dipl. Ing.

ATP sustain Vienna