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new directions

forward-looking solutions through innovative ideas

We are interested in finding solutions for you which are not only based on traditional and tried-and-tested systems but also make use of creative approaches to open up new perspectives. In our work in the field of research & development with universities and universities of applied science we develop new scientifically-based tools for sustainable building. In accompanying competitions we work intensively on the development of forward-looking and innovative solutions for real estate and real estate portfolios.

project idea/project development

“The essential is hidden behind the visible”

We support our clients from the very beginning of the lifecycle-oriented needs planning process by defining the goals of their sustainable building.



Solutions which meet your needs

The key milestones on the path to sustainability should be laid during the competition process. We accompany our clients in the optimal preparation for a competition and support the design team during the competition by developing the sustainability concept.



Integrated Design reduces follow-on costs by around 6 %

The client’s sustainability requirements must be integrated into the initial design and followed up throughout the design process. Our engineering, consultancy and certification services make a significant contribution to this work.



Guaranteeing the long-term value of a property

We support the implementation of the sustainability goals during the construction process by drawing up suitable tender documents and accompanying the execution process right up to handover. Consulting



Save up to 20 % of operating costs

We evaluate the sustainability of buildings through a certification or green due diligence process. In addition to this we identify and check the potential for constructional and operational optimization.


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