Building Physics

Engelbert Strauss Unternehmenscampus, DE

The energy concept and statutory verification of the thermal protection were provided for the new headquarters of Engelbert Strauss GmbH & CO. KG.

Project Information
ClientStrauss Trading KG
LocationBibergemünd, DE
Building volume NFA: 18,870 m²
Project duration 2012-2014
Project team Jens GlögglerSusanne RunkelJens Hanisch
Competition2012, 1. Preis

The building comprises four wings which are connected to the central building volume and visitor entrance. In addition to its primary role as an administration building the complex is also used for training purposes. The largest wing in terms of floor area is located on the northern part of the site and contains sales and display areas.

The energy concept for the heating and cooling of the building consists of a central supply based on brine-water heat pumps which extract ambient heating and cooling from the ground. Gas condensing boilers meet peak loads in winter. The spaces are supplied with heating and cooling via concrete core activation supported by floor convectors. Addition cooling sails provide extra cooling in summer in certain areas. The energy concept which is based on particularly low system temperatures is thus extremely energy efficient. Ventilation is provided by central ventilation equipment with high heat recovery levels of over 65%.



• Energy concept
• Thermal protection
• Sound protection

Primary energy requirements in line with EnEV 2009 / max. EnEV /
Undercut by: 125 kWh/m²a / 155 kWh/m²a / 22 %

Quality of the building envelope HT‘ / max. EnEV /
Undercut by: 0.29 W/m²K / 0.37 W/m²K / 19.5 %

Energy concept:

Building envelope:
Compact building form with overall A/V ratio of 0.39; proportion of window area 26%; thermal bridges

Brine-water heat pumps (earth sensors) + gas condensing boilers
Concrete core activation and floor convectors with low system temperatures

Reversible brine-water heat pumps + cooling plant
Concrete core activation + cooling sails + ventilation

Controlled input and exhaust air with heat recovery (> 65%)

Fluorescent lamps with presence sensors

Link: ATP Website

The “workwearstore”. Photo: Köster GmbH/Ulrich Reinecke


The buildings follow the topographic course of the landscape. Photo: Köster GmbH/Ulrich Reinecke


Visible main supporting structure of reinforced concrete V-supports over 4 levels. Photo: ATP/Becker


The head office with multi-storey office blocks and adjoining workshop. Photo: ATP/Becker