Flow Simulation Mercedes, D

Investigation of natural ventilation in a three-story showroom

Project Information
ClientATP N+M
LocationOffenbach/Main, D
Built Volume 18,748m³ showroom
Project Duration n/a
Project Team Michael Haugeneder, Stefan Schmid

As part of the preliminary design phase of a three-story showroom with north and east-facing full-height glazing, thermal building simulation was used to investigate the internal environment and, in particular, analyze thermal comfort, air flow and air change. The effectiveness of natural ventilation was studied and evaluated in detail with the objective of creating comfortable spatial conditions without mechanical support. Weather data for Frankfurt am Main was used to simulate external and internal air flow, shadowing and daylight levels.

An internal flow simulation was then used to analyze a solution which combined weatherproof window-based ventilation with a temperature control system designed to guarantee the required air volumes and ventilation panels designed to cool heated building components using night air. The simulation assumed ventilation openings with a total free cross-sectional area of 11.4 m², permitting an inflow air speed of 0.21m/s (during good weather) or a free cross-sectional area of 0.8 m², permitting an inflow air speed of 3m/s (during bad weather), in order to represent the task as realistically as possible.

The simulation also investigated the shade provided by the cantilevered canopy and the level of solar gain and load on the showroom (for the presentation of new cars). The results of the wind analysis showed that the air flow within the space was not affected by the direction of the wind, even if the showroom is naturally ventilated via openable panels on its eastern side.


Dynamic thermal building simulation

Wind simulation

Temperature distribution with open windows
Main wind direction – compass rose
Shading simulation
Speed profile – external flow
Daylight factors
Temperature distribution in the interior