Fundermax Access Building, A

The company Fundermax asked us to apply the LEED certification system to a stand-alone new building in order to create a model for the company.

Project Information
ClientFundermax AG
LocationWr. Neudorf, A
Built Area BGF: 15.000 m²
Project Duration 2010 – 2011
Project Team Michael Haugeneder
Certification System LEED
Certification Outcome Gold

The project involves a planned new access building for the entire goods traffic of the Wiener Neudorf facility.

The client decided to use this building to apply the LEED certification system as a certification tool without a final certification process as a means of improving the building significantly from the point of view of sustainable building.

Alongside an ingenious lighting system (daylight/artificial light management) a heating pump is used for heating and cooling. Such ideas as an airtight building, easier maintenance, lower cleaning costs and water-saving taps were all addressed.


  • LEED feasibility study
  • Energy concept
  • Lighting concept
  • Advice on the use of building materials
Photo: ATP Vienna


Photo: ATP Vienna


Photo: ATP Vienna


Photo: ATP Vienna


Fundermax Access Building, A / Photo: ATP Vienna