New Building Certification

G3 Shopping Resort, AT

Many sustainability issues had already been addressed in the basic concept of the shopping center in Gerasdorf. We were commissioned to make these already incorporated features transparent in the form of a certification system.

Project Information
LocationGerasdorf, AT
Built Area GFA: 93,000 m²
Project Duration 2009 – 2012
Project Team Jens GlögglerMichael HaugenederTobias HutterStefan SchmidAmra IvojevicMelanie EschbergerSusanne Runkel
Certification System BREEAM
Certification Outcome Very Good

The G3 Shopping Resort in the north of Vienna is notable for its high quality in the area of sustainable building as a result of which the client decided to carry out a BREEAM Certification.

We accompanied the ATP Group through the entire design and construction period in order to represent the sustainability aspects which had already been incorporated into the design and to introduce new ones which could then be implemented in good time.

The building is notable, on the one hand, for the high quality of its interior spaces and high daylight levels and, on the other hand, for its connection to a biomass power station, low temperature system, well-cooling system and highly efficient building services.


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G3 Shopping Resort, A / Photo: ATP Wien
G3 Shopping Resort, A / Photo: ATP Wien
G3 Shopping Resort, A / Photo: ATP Wien
G3 Shopping Resort, A / Photo: ATP Wien
Certificate BREEAM “Very Good” / Photo: BRE