Research & Development

Hazardous Material Guidelines

We are constantly surrounded by hazardous materials inside buildings – we developed a design handbook aimed at cataloging these and their effects on people and implementing simple possible ways of avoiding their use in the design phase.

Project Information
Research Partner ATP AG
Research Objective Hazardous material guidelines with information about the content of hazardous materials and their effects on building interiors and the environment
Period 2010 – 2012
Project Team Jens Glöggler Susanne Runkel

Due to the huge number of materials used inside buildings and the subsequently huge number of chemical interfaces introduced into interiors, ATP decided to categorize these and organize a research project with the objective of creating a tool for integrated designers.

The systematic and then the typical incidence of hazardous materials were determined in order to create the clear basis for a conclusion. Due to the importance of clear definitions in tender documents for new buildings the third element of the project was the representation of limiting values and guidelines as a means of making it simpler to use materials with a low level of hazardous content.