New Building Certification

Headquarters of the i+R Group, A

The new corporate headquarters of the i+R Group were designed with a focus on the aspects of greater comfort, natural materials and renewable energy. We were commissioned to accompany and guarantee the quality of the design and execution process and to carry out the LEED Certification of the building.

Project Information
Clienti+R Schertler Alge GmbH
LocationLauterach, AT
Built Area GBA: n/a
Project Duration 2011 – 2013
Project Team Jens Glöggler, Michael Haugeneder, Tobias Hutter, Melanie Wiedeck, Amra Ivojevic
Certification System LEED
Certification Outcome Platin

When it first addressed the building its new headquarters, Schertler, a Vorarlberg-based company with a long tradition, set itself the targets of creating a low energy/passive building and maximizing the use of daylight.

Subsequently, during the initial design phase, Schertler decided to commission a building certification process as a means of holistically analyzing the building. Following a positive analysis we were commissioned to carry out the certification process.

We were able to improve the project through the introduction of additional quality measures in the field of sustainability. The building is notable for its high comfort levels, high quality daylight, renewable energies (heat pumps, depth probes and photovoltaic plant), compact building form, recycled materials and the use of timber as a natural material.

The implementation of the above mentioned measures and the excellent performance vis-à-vis the other LEED criteria ensured that the building became the first new building in Austria to be awarded a LEED Platinum certificate.


i+R Schertler Alge, A / Photo: Bruno Klomfar
i+R Schertler Alge, A / Photo: Bruno Klomfar
i+R Schertler Alge, A / Photo: Bruno Klomfar
State Prize for Architecture and Sustainability. Photo: Daniel Hinterramskogler