New Building Certification

HILTI Production Hall, AT

Several years ago the company Hilti committed itself to an internal sustainability strategy for both new buildings and refurbishment projects and added this strategy to ATP’s basic design brief. In order to transparently present these sustainability aspects we were commissioned to carry out a pilot certification in line with ÖGNI.

Project Information
LocationThüringen, A
Built Area n/a
Project Duration 2008-2009
Project Team Jens GlögglerMichael HaugenederSusanne Runkel
Certification System ÖGNI
Certification Outcome Gold

Hilti AG’s production building in Thüringen, Vorarlberg was the ÖGNI’s first pilot project in the industrial building/production sector.

ATP worked with Hilti AG to develop a sustainable building and then accompanied the entire construction process.

Following the formation of the ÖGNI in Austria this building was chosen as a pilot project and, hence, as a benchmark for the certification of industrial buildings. In the area of energy the daylight levels and materials in the building are of very high quality and the project is proof that these issues are both important and implementable in the area of industrial building.


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