Building Physics

Hotel and Retail Center, D

New construction of a Best Western Hotel in Unterföhring – “The K”.

Project Information
ClientMHL Markt KG
LocationUnterföhring, DE
Building volume GFA: 5,890 m²
Project duration 2014-2016
Project team Jens GlögglerSusanne RunkelJens Hanisch

ATP architects engineers designed an upmarket business hotel in the media location of Unterföhring, close to the Bavarian capital of Munich. ATP sustain GmbH was responsible for the energy concept and the statutory verification of the thermal and noise protection. In addition to this the acoustic characteristics of selected rooms were investigated.

The hotel is supplied with heating energy from the district heating network of GEOVOL Unterföhring GmbH, which provides particularly environmentally-friendly heat due to the use of geothermal energy. The primary energy factor of 0.34 indicates the notable efficiency with which the energy for space heating is provided.


• Energy concept
• Thermal protection
• Noise protection

Primary energy requirements in line with EnEV 2009 / max. EnEV /
Undercut by:
111 kWh/m²a / 179 kWh/m²a / -38 %

Quality of the building envelope HT‘ / max. EnEV /
Undercut by:
0.45 W/m²K / 0.42 W/m²K / +7 %

Energy concept: 

Building envelope:
Compact building form with A/V ratio of 0.25; proportion of window area 19%; global thermal bridge value of 0.1 W/m²K; double glazing with Uw=1.3 W/m²K; reinforced concrete with 16 cm composite thermal insulation system U=0.21 W/m²K

District heating based on use of geothermal energy; space heating using static radiators and central air conditioning plant

Compression refrigeration machinery; cooling via central air conditioning plant

Controlled input and exhaust air with heat recovery (> 65%)

Link: ATP Website