Hotel Steigenberger, D

Investigation of environmental effects in line with DGNB.

ClientPorr Design & Engineering GmbH
LocationBerlin, D
Built Area NBA 18,500 m²
Project Duration 2014
Project Team Tobias Hutter, Susanne Runkel

The new four-star-superior hotel “Steigenberger am Kanzleramt” was built very close to Berlin’s main railway station and the Federal Chancellery. Its eight stories contain 339 rooms, several restaurant areas, conference and meeting rooms as well as a large wellness and spa area. The potential environmental effects of these various areas were investigated in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, ozone depletion and creation, acidification, overfertilization and renewable and non-renewable energies. These environmental effects were measured using LEGEP software and evaluated in line with DGNB Certification. The distribution of these effects amongst the various elements of the building permitted the creation of a virtual building model which could be used to evaluate the influence of the chosen building materials. This made it possible to draw the conclusion that the above-mentioned areas of the project demonstrated very good and even optimal environmental performance.

Hotel Steigenberger, D / Photo: Strauss+Partner
Hotel Steigenberger, D /Photo: Strauss+Partner
Hotel Steigenberger, D / Photo: Strauss+Partner
Hotel Steigenberger, D / Photo: Strauss+Partner