Research & Development

INFO Interdisciplinary research into energy optimization in manufacturing operations

Industrial projects are affected by a wide range of dynamic factors. The INFO project with Vienna University of Technology linked all these dynamic processes as a way of supporting decisions related to the interdependency of these processes.

Project Information
Research Partner Vienna University of Technology
Research Objective Simulation module for the metal-cutting industry in order to optimize buildings and production flows from the energy perspective
Period 2010 – 2014
Project Team Michael Haugeneder Stefan Schmid

The Info project had two objectives related to two different starting positions. One was to develop a simulation program for presenting a “greenfield” industrial building as an integrated process and the other was to investigate an existing building with certain basic parameters.All processes were represented as dynamic processes (dynamic building simulation, dynamic process simulation, dynamic daylight simulation, dynamic costs, lifecycle costs calculation) as a means of linking the actual costs of various processes of a building (and, especially, an industrial building) in order to accurately represent the real cost implications of energy-saving measures.


  • Energy concept
  • Building services design
  • Building services cost estimates
  • Participation in energy simulation
  • Participation in daylight simulation