Kursovoy Residential Complex, RU

ATP sustain worked alongside the Russian investor to accompany the design team in the sustainable building aspects of the pre-design and design phases in order to ensure that this high-quality residential building in the center of Moscow was built  in line with sustainable building principles.

Project Information
LocationMoskau, RU
Building volume BGF: 4.000 m²
Project duration 2014-2015
Project team Michael Haugeneder, Amra Ivojevic, Tobias Hutter

Exclusive apartments were to be built in the center of Moscow which would distinguish themselves from the standard apartment market through not only high-quality finishes but ecological, economic and socio-cultural qualities which reflect the values of sustainable building.

In addition to new, innovative building services components, the project also showcased façade systems and glazing, building materials, non-hazardous interior finishes and innovative lighting systems.


  • Sustainability concept
  • Energy concept
  • Accompaniment of the design team in the pre-design and design phases
  • Know-how transfer in the area of building services
Wohnhaus Kursovoy, RU / Foto: tlp