Laboratory Building IMP-N, A

ATP sustain accompanied the design team during the competition phase in the areas of both building services and sustainable building.

Project Information
ClientATP Wien Planungs GmbH
Location Wien, A
Building volume BGF: 15.000 m²
Project duration 2013-2015
Completion 2015
Project team Michael Haugeneder, Florian Stift, Tobias Hutter, Melanie Wiedeck

The IMP laboratory building is a state-of-the-art, highly complex research building in the area of microbiology and medicine and requires maximum flexibility and energy efficiency.

In addition to laboratory operations the building contains such facilities as a lecture theater and canteen as well as all administrative areas.

The primary energy requirements of the building are reduced by more than 30 %, even without the renewable energy systems which could not be used in this location as a result of which efficiency had to be ensured.

In line with sustainable building principles there was a strong focus on economic, ecological and socio-cultural sustainability. This building is particularly notable for a high proportion of daylight, multifunctional use and high flexibility.


  • Building services project leadership up to execution design phase
  • Energy concept
  • Sustainability concept
  • Accompaniment of sustainable building

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The new building is connected to the neighboring institutes IMBA and GMI by a bridge. Photo: ATP/Kuball


Photo: ATP/Kuball


Photo: ATP/Kuball