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Materials Screening

The objective was to compare products with up to 30 different appraisable characteristics in such a way that these could be represented in a manner which is both clear and applicable to the design process.

Project Information
Research Partner ATP AG
Research Objective Material database of various products with an exact comparison of up to 30 characteristics (LCC, ecological balance…)
Period2010 – 2012 (ongoing)
Project TeamJens Glöggler Susanne Runkel

Material screening planning tool

A major challenge for today’s architect and/or integrated designer is the veritable flood of different certificates and information about materials with which he or she is faced when attempting to identify the correct material for a building.

The objective of this research project was to find a way of comparatively presenting up to 30 material characteristics for important building elements made of a wide range of materials as a means of giving the ATP Group an internal design tool which would enable specialist designers to make suggestions regarding individual material variants for individual projects.

Alongside ecological parameters, such characteristics as decomposability, fire protection, microbe resistance etc. were measured and compared. Attention was also paid to the actual use of materials (insulation was evaluated on the basis of PH values rather than thickness and waterproofing systems were compared on the basis of manufacturers’ instructions, etc.).


Analysis and categorization of groups of building elements
Analysis of the materials making up a building element
Research into the characteristics of building materials
Representation in comparable terms