Michael Haugeneder

All that surrounds us is energy.
In order to live up to this principle, I have dedicated several stages of my training and professional career to the subject of energy.

After the HTL for environmental technology, 3 semesters of technical physics and 8 semesters of technical college course of studies for building services engineering, I completed my professional career in 1990 as a technician, project manager and managing director in a technical office for building services engineering, with mostly international large-scale projects and a 6-month working stay in Canada.

ATP as a whole group has a holistic view of a building and thus also corresponds to my idea of an interdisciplinary integral project development and planning process.

The research company ATP sustain forms the link between the fundamental laws of physics and the actual implementation of day-to-day planning. This enables my staff and I at the research company to implement this topic holistically in projects and to put this principle of “everything is energy” into practice, so that buildings are created which over generations make their contribution to ensuring that usable energy remains available.

Michael Haugeneder

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) (FHS Pinkafeld – Building services engineering)
BREEAM Assessor
BREEAM in-use Auditor
EU – Taxonomy Advisor

ATP sustain Vienna