Michaela Leitner

I am convinced that climate protection, technology, design and economy are not mutually exclusive and so I decided to study architecture at the TU Vienna and did my diploma thesis at the Institute of Building Physics.

Even during my work in an architectural office, I remained true to building physics and carried out calculations in building physics in addition to planning activities. I became more and more aware of how important the conscientious treatment of our environment and humane, environmentally friendly and future-oriented building is to me. Sustainable architecture is an expression of responsible cooperation and conscientious handling of energy, resources and ecological aspects, it is committed to the well-being of the users, the needs of society and future generations.
Design is an important keyword in terms of sustainability. It gives us the opportunity to actively seek alternatives.

Sustainable building works when we develop interdisciplinary solutions to combine aesthetics, functionality, economy and the use of new technologies and building materials.

ATP sustain is committed to developing sustainable buildings with a holistic approach and knowledge of the latest technologies and offers me the opportunity to develop personally and professionally.

Michaela Leitner

Dipl. Ing.

ATP sustain Vienna