New Building Certification

REWE Logistics Center West, AT

“In developing the logistics center it was important to us to not only minimize transport distances but also to create a building which was as sustainable as possible” explains Reinhard Schürk, Board Member of REWE International AG.

ClientREWE International Lager & Transport GmbH
Location Ohlsdorf, AT
Built Area GBA: 39,000 m²
Project Duration 2010-2014
Project Team Michael Haugeneder, Tobias Hutter, Susanne Runkel, Amra Ivojevic, Melanie Wiedeck
Certification System ÖGNI/DGNB
Certification Outcome Platin

The reduction of transport distances alone should create an annual reduction of around six million kilometers in the distances travelled by trucks. In addition to this, measures such as the use of LED lighting and the improvement of the thermal building envelope will maximize the reduction in the energy consumption of the facility while the creation of a photovoltaic plant on the roof will supply the building with renewable energy.


An overview of the building:

More than 9,500 (uncooled) articles are stored on an area of 36,000m2 which is equivalent to the size of four football pitches. The facility in Ohlsdorf in Upper Austria serves around 1,000 stores and independent traders in Tyrol, Vorarlberg, Salzburg, Upper Austria and parts of Carinthia. Around 130,000 ordered goods are delivered, organized and newly distributed every day, five days a week. In order to deal with this logistic work around 250 jobs had been created in Ohlsdorf by 2014, 220 in the workshop in addition to the the 30 drivers responsible for delivering the goods to the stores across Western Austria.


REWE Zentrallager West, A / Photo: Rewe
REWE Zentrallager West, A / Photo: Rewe