New Building Certification

Seestadt Aspern D16 + D17, AT

We were commissioned by ARWAG/MIGRA as consultant to carry out the ÖGNB evaluation for the projects for plots D16 and D17 at Seestadt Aspern

Project Information
ClientARWAG Bauträger GmbH
LocationWien, AT
Building volume BGF 9.345,76 m²
Project duration 2012-2015
Project team Michael Haugeneder Amra Ivojevic
Certification system TQB sustainability certificate

The objective of ARWAG Bauträger GmbH is to realize a high-quality, affordable and ecological residential building project which meets the objectives of a very-low energy building.

The criteria were defined in the brief of the developer competition through, on the one hand, the four-pillar-model of wohnfonds_wien and, on the other hand, the focal issues of affordability, social sustainability, functional mix and urban identity.

We are responsible for the accompaniment, consultancy and evaluation of the project on the basis of the TQB evaluation system.


• ÖGNB/TQB evaluation
• OI3 index
• Calculation of disposal indicator
• Sunlight study

Seestadt Aspern D16+D17, A / Photo: ARWAG
Seestadt Aspern D16+D17, A / Photo: ARWAG