Susanne Runkel

It was always important for me to work on something meaningful. Meaningful in the sense of forward-looking, climate, environmental and humane. All this includes sustainability in its many facets. It is a great challenge, also – and especially – for our buildings.

Immersing oneself in the subject of sustainability is exciting and interesting – it is fun to work on improving the world with fresh ideas and concrete solutions in the friendly and competent ATP sustain team.

My main areas of focus at ATP sustain are energy balancing, building materials and pollutants as well as the life cycle assessment.

Susanne Runkel

Professor (building physics and life cycle assessment)
Dipl.-Ing. Architect
Building Biologist (IBN)
building energy consultant residential and non-residential buildings
Expert according to §2 ZVEnEV
Experts for heat and moisture protection
Experts for indoor mould contamination
DGNB Registered Professional

ATP sustain Munich