Thomas Zink

For me, sustainability means that buildings are planned and constructed in such a way that they do not lose their value due to structural and physical damage, but still offer a high level of acoustic comfort and thermal comfort many years after completion.

As an expert for damage to buildings and specialist planner for preventive fire protection, it is important to me that the planning and execution of building projects is carried out in a multi-disciplinary manner and as a certified real estate economist, I also provide technical support for the client.

More than 25 years ago I started my professional career in a Berlin engineering office with the planning of active and passive noise control measures along the high-speed railway lines. After moving to Vienna, I was able to specialise in the field of technical noise control through my many years of work in the renowned engineering office DI Buch.

Within the ATP Group I would particularly like to promote (integral) cooperation between the various trades and to promote mutual understanding. As planning and construction processes are becoming more and more complex it is essential that future planning takes a holistic view of the processes and involves all the disciplines involved

Thomas Zink


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